Troy Henriksen


Vivid, colorful, full of winks and questions, of emotions and humanity, of details that one discerns only at the second or third glance, his paintings as well as his collages are like his character: alert and spontaneous at first glance, complex and inhabited by poetry at the second. Neither abstract, nor figurative, nor really naive. In a word, unclassifiable.

Troy Henriksen was born in New Bedford (Massachusetts) of Norwegian parents who left in the early 50s to live the American dream. As a teenager, he followed his father on fishing boats, an activity he continued until the age of 28, before stopping everything and leaving for Boston. 

"I began to train, to study art, to do nothing but paint. To sell a little. Bartering rather. Exhibiting sometimes. Then one day, I decided to come to Paris with a one-way ticket." T. H.

It was in 1998. There, Troy Henriksen painted in the street, on the quays of the Seine. A meeting with Eric Landau, director of the Gallery W, quickly proved to be decisive.

"For me, being an artist means transforming problems into beauty, encouraging hope, convincing people of the possible, encouraging them to reach out to others." T. H.


Troy Henriksen is an American artist of Norwegian origin, born in 1962 in New Bedford (Massachusetts). He lives and works in Paris.

His parents, Norwegian immigrants, arrived in the United States in 1953. His father went to art school and founded his own fishing company. In the 1980s, following the family tradition, Troy combined his fishing trade with his love of art. He sailed the waters of Moby Dick for fifteen years. Between two fishing adventures, he abandons everything to devote himself to painting. He leaves for a trip on the road and falls in love with Paris. He is still there.

Troy is a permanent artist at Galerie W since 1999.

Exhibitions (selection)


All [WE] need is love!, Galerie W, Paris

W-Art United Festival, Galerie W, Paris 


Happy Hours, Galerie W, Paris

CC/Coups de Cœur, group show, Galerie W, Paris


8e Avenue, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


8e Avenue, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


70 Art for Haïti, charity auction to benefit Haïti, Galerie W, Paris

Le rêve de Rufus, Galerie W, Paris 


Cœur de Troy, Galerie W, Paris


Let's get wasted, Galerie W, Paris


Chic Art Fair, Contemporary Art Fair, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Galerie W, Paris

Paris Plages, customization of the beach booths, Quays of the Seine, Galerie W/Mairie de Paris, Paris

Respectfully yours, Galerie W, Paris


- Something for Luxembourg, Galerie Michel Miltgen, Luxembourg

Chic Art Fair, Contemporary Art Fair, Cité de la Mode et du Design, Galerie W, Paris

Festival Art Rock, Saint-Brieuc


The Memphis Moonlight Happening, Galerie W, Paris

Transparence, Galerie W, Paris

Slick Art Fair, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


Happening Street Art « Halloween » for Disneyland Resort Paris, Paris

Publications (selection)


Let's Get Wasted, exhibition catalogue, Galerie W


New Man New Identity, monography, Critères Éditions


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