First to embark on the adventure, Catherine Franck drew us into her universe, captivated us with her talent, shared with us every moment of the realization, every nuance of her palette. 

The adventure continues with Troy Henriksen. It is in color that he will animate this workshop "under the open sky", this new space at the crossroads of views, between artist and passers-by, watched and looking.

"To imagine our planet in black and white... It would be boring!
All that is alive on earth contains pigments."

Troy sets up shop - all in color - at 212 rue Saint-Martin and works on a unique series of Hearts that we like to call Cœurs de Troy
. Each piece is unique: "Hope", "Trust", "Love", "Light", "Soul", "Evidence"... 80 x 60 cm, signed, dated, framed, with an offered catalogue signed by the artist.

Come and choose your heart, at 212 rue Saint-Martin, as of today!







Born from the desire to share this exceptional moment when the artist, in front of the white canvas, creates an a work of art, Le Bocal is a showcase space imagined as a laboratory, an open studio, an incubator where inspiration takes shape and the creative process is revealed, from the first sketch to the final work, from the first brushstroke to the last layer of lacquer.



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