« Le rêve de Rufus »

Statement de Troy Henriksen

« The title for this exposition comes from a green painting of a tree and its roots. I found the painting in the street and rescued it. I took it to my atelier and drew an orange silhouette of a dog on top of it and titled him Rufus. I hung the painting up high on the wall and declared all the paintings I do for this show are from his dream. The painting I found is an orphan painting. Its history and creator are a mystery. How fitting it is, that it is of a tree and its roots but even more interesting it is signed on the back Miya xoxo. Miya is of Japanese origin and means ‘temple’.

As a painter the challenge is to synthesize light and material with the use of paint. As an artist the challenge is to have all this coincide with ideas, feelings, and thoughts that convey a state of being that make me feel more alive than when I began. I find the palette is the key that unlocks what ever needs to be unlocked to enter into the zeitgeist, or collective consciousness or well of creativity or “Le rêve de Rufus” where all the universal truths and ideas are to be waiting.

For me the role of the artist is to translate, transcend and entertain or simply be a human photo synthesis. To assist the viewer with their own inner dialogue through contemplation and imagination. Also with this series of paintings I have done several on old album covers. These are one step beyond the ready made and play with abstraction while serving as studies for the bigger paintings. »

Rufus, 50 x 70 cm, 2015