Because there is a whole life, invisible and unsuspected, which swarms in the reserves of the galleries... 

Because we like the idea of revealing what is hidden behind the scenes...

We wanted to open the usually closed doors of W, to bring you to the place where unexpected works are hidden!

Coming from artists' or private collections, jealously preserved from view or brought to light during an exhibition or a hanging, we present them to you today - under very special conditions ;) - with the W Collector capsule dedicated to the friends and collectors of the gallery.

Once upon a time, 140 x 112 cm, 2012

Haircut Boy, 117 x 97 cm, 2011

Leda as ultimate truth, 130 x 130 cm, 2013

The ancients knew..., 130 x 130 cm, 2013

Richie. David Hockney..., 130 x 130 cm, 2013

Me as a women goddess, 130 x 130 cm, 2013


On my way

The Gallery W is closed