A new exhibition dresses up the facades of the town Hall. Realized by
the artist Chris Morin-Eitner,
"Once upon a time tomorrow" consists of 9 works printed
in monumental format on the square.



Architect and photographer, Chris Morin-Eitner draws on his travels, his photographs of landscapes and large metropolises to imagine an urbanism in connection with nature. Works that this Franco-German artist exhibits in France and abroad.

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How would you define your work?

It's plastic photography, close to digital painting. During my travels, I photograph separately the vegetation, in its details, its elements and in the cities the monumental buildings. Then I compose an image, starting from a skecth and I imagine how to organize nature, the place it would take in the city, I try to imagine, if I were an animal or a tree, where I would want to evolve, to grow in this urban landscape.

How was this approach born?

I am an urban man, I like the city but I miss a fundamental dimension, the anchorage in nature, the contact with animals, the landscape. I love the city and nature. I am an urban animal. This approach was born from a trip, visiting the ruins of Angkor, invaded by nature where the earth and the temples were one. Shortly afterwards, I had an opposite aesthetic shock when I discovered Dubaï, a huge new city in the middle of the desert. I felt superimposing these two worlds and wondering what would become of them.

Nature takes back its rights in your images, is this your message?

In 2022, we should succeed in reconciling contemporary man and primitive man, anchored in his roots, thinking of the city by integrating nature, by leaving room for it.

You are exhibiting 9 works on the facades of the Town Hall?

It is totally unusual in the format and printing since I mainly exhibit in galleries. This printing adapted to the facades allows you to travel through the images. I chose works representing Paris (the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Opera Garnier, the Moulin Rouge, the Place de la République, the Sacré Coeur) and I created one specifically around the lake and the Casino d'Enghein, like a long cinemascope, in a format that follows the entire surface of the building. We will change the hanging in six months with other photos.


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