Pierre Auville



Pierre AUVILLE was born in Le Havre, he lives and works in suburbs, on the Seine River, North West of Paris, France. 

Pierre discovered painting on motorbike helmets, windsurf boards, walls and the asphalt of streets either with spray guns or airbrushes. 

Reluctant about learning fine arts at college or university, he studied political sciences in Paris, while developing his artistic know-how in the studio of a professional painter. He has explored various environments such as medical emergencies, journalism for design and home interiors magazines, publishing, French Navy, and metal industry. 

At that time, Pierre AUVILLE relentlessly paints with acrylics and enamels and explores surfaces and media from the ship building and civil works industries, which he abrades and erodes mechanically, thermically and chemically. 

Using cement is the outcome of two decades of research and exploration of alternative media.






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