Paris, Élysée - La raison du plus fort
Silver print
160 x 107 cm

Titled, numbered, signed and dated 2021

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In his new work, Chris Morin-Eitner makes a daring choice: to transform the Élysée Palace and to place ecological stake in the center of this symbol of the State and the power. In the fight to raise awareness, this is perhaps also the place of artists and art.


"Paris, Élysée - La raison du plus fort" plunges us into an idyllic future, a sort of lush Garden of Eden where nature has regained its rights.


If, quoting Paul Ardenne*, "the aim here, salutary, dignified, is to hasten, to support awareness", it is as a cheerful and playful rebuilder that Chris Morin-Eitner composes the Élysée of tomorrow, as a federating symbol of awakening, reconciliation, renewal.


This artist-photographer works like a digital painter, playing with overprinting and hybridization, combining the photographs he has taken during his many travels. They are his pigments, his palette.


*In « Un art écologique », Éditions Le Bord de l'Eau - Collection La Muette, 2018.

Preparatory sketch


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