A showcase space imagined as a laboratory, an open studio, an incubator where inspiration takes shape and the creative process is revealed, from the first sketch to the final work, from the first brushstroke to the last coat of lacquer.


"For more than twenty years, I have moved from studio to studio to follow the artistic creation. I dreamed of being able to share this exceptional moment when the artist, in front of the white canvas, writes an artwork. Dream accomplished. We open Le Bocal, a space reserved for creation at 212 rue Saint-Martin. You can stroll in front of the window or cross the threshold of the gallery to meet the artist, see the work in progress and follow each step of the realization on social networks. Catherine Franck inaugurates the cycle."
Eric Landau



Many of you cross the threshold of the gallery to meet Catherine Franck, exchange your impressions, and come back over the days and weeks to see the artworks shape on canvas.






The painter and illustrator, born in Paris in the 60s, has been passionate about drawing since she was a child. Her gallery of works, very rich, accumulates powerful and penetrating frontal faces, full-length characters, busts, portrait format.

If Catherine Franck's work can be described as classical at first glance, the use that the artist makes of recycled materials, patchwork and collage reveals the contemporary nature of her approach.

The subjects she fixes on the canvas become witnesses of our time, keep their childish look on the world, question it, preserve its part of beauty and innocence.


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