Each year, Pierre-Alex. feels the need to leave several months to meet other cultures, often in a Third World country. Out there, he tries to understand which human processes are at the origin of his behaviours, his sufferings, his beliefs. 

 “In my travels, I let myself be guided by my encounters. This proximity will allow me to better understand the way of life, but also the functioning of a country.

I like the authenticity, the experience, it is the only way we can have a sincere artistic demarche. Thus, everything is a source of inspiration; from dilapidated walls in Cuba to rusty tin shacks in India, often extravagant customs, the domination of man over man and his environment, communities of interests, fixed beliefs…

By just looking at the world we live in, ideas scramble infinitely and we notice that each civilization is an attempt, an experiment of life which often comes with its contradictions and its own limits. 
The main idea is that I elaborate my works with very different techniques: acrylic, pencil, collage, sewing on wood, paper, canvas…   
And especially with impressions felt throughout my travels: Cuba, Indonesia, Cambodia, India…

I try thereafter to recreate those atmospheres in my work using overlaying spots.”

The artist uses acrylic and mixt techniques on wood, several of his works have been polished. 





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