Georges Poncet


“My first encounter with painting, it’s Delacroix. “- Who’s Sardanapale?” 
I see again the eyes of my father running through the picture and telling me: «It is the one who is the least seeming to die!” 
Further, the Sabines’s generous breasts initiate me to eroticism, episodic staging, colour.
Aged 12, I touched with a glance that painting was an elaborated system of feelings, emotions, urges representation, going beyond what was depicted. 
A universe of thought, the link to the other throughout centuries. 
I wandered in the Louvre to be carried away by the whirl of senses on those walls and be part of the time. 
The invisible is as much palpable as what is offered to see!” 

After Fine Art studies, Georges Poncet turns towards photography. Passionate by painting and sculpture, he chose to photograph works of art. Louvre’s recognized photographer since 1997, he memorizes behind his lens the Egyptian antiquities for the museum. Contemporary works of art are his other speciality – his work on (and for) Soulages is very remarkable. That is for the professional photographer. 

The Galerie W shows Georges Poncet the artist, as it happen his series “Sfumato”. 
The “Sfumato”, an innovation from Léonard de Vinci in the painting, consists to obtain a haze by superposition of the colour. The technic is described by the master as “without lines nor outline, as the smoke or beyond the focal plan. Georges Poncet applies this technic to photography. 
This blurring (image) lines questions the meaning of photography: Isn’t photography supposed to give us back an objective truth, to show us a clear and sharp image?! Poncet’s work responds to this question: his pictures are the emotional trace of a gaze. Art, as life, is a superposition of feelings…

Beyond the technic –unique and which requires great mastery – Poncet operates a fascinating mise en abîme. He chooses key-works from the art history, which are very familiar to us in their iconic beauty and photography “beyond the focal plan”. We recognize the paintings instantly, we look at them differently: in the mist outlines emerge from feelings, sensations, mysteries invisible to the naked eye.  




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