I think that you are born an artist and I know that I have always been P. H.

Patrick Hugues starts drawing very early on the school benches at the back of the class. The young student as a boundless admiration for the classics and their technique. He draws and sketches constantly.

For my 18th birthday, I asked for a round trip to Amsterdam to visit the retrospective of Van Gogh. I spent eight hours at the museum. It was the greatest gift I could have ever received. P. H.

After graduating in Architecture in 1998, Hugpat went into business for himself and created the agency Studio 21.

In 2014, he produced a first series of drawings with black felt, then comes the time of large formats and the artist moves his action on the canvas.

Derelict ports, warehouses, frozen cranes: you can see vast urban areas that are out of tune. At first disembodied, his labours slowly began to populate.

My paintings are vast windows where chaos reigns. Painting is a struggle. But a necessary struggle. As long as this energy, this istinctive need is expressed by my gesture, my work will progress. P. H.


Patrick Hugues, aka Hugpat, is a French visual artist born in 1972 in Marseille where he currently lives and works.

An architect by training, Hugpat has been fascinated by drawing since a young age. Adept of black and white, the artist works in shades of grey, in layers of wash and glaze.

The tormented and cathartic dimension dominates. As in the respect for figuration, inherited from his many years of classical drawings and architectural practice.

Exhibitions (selection)


Sommer utstilling, group show, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

Khaos, ArtCan Gallery, Marseille, France


No Way, ArtCan Gallery, Marseille, France


Made in Marseille, group show, Abcynth Galerie, Lille, France

Corps Accord, group show, Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille, France

Dess(t)ins croisés, group show, Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille, France


Art Elysées, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie David Pluskwa, Paris, France

Quel amour ! "Sa Muse", group show, Musée Regards de Provence, Marseille, France


Art Elysées, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie David Pluskwa, Paris, France


Patrick Hugues, Galerie David Pluskwa, Marseille, France





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