India, Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia, Cuba, Thailand, Chile, Cambodia, Guatemala, Argentina, Laos...
Explorer and artist, Pierre-Alex. leaves for months in the most remote countries of the world, raw, hard countries, where authenticity and a strong conviviality are (still) present.

"In my travels, I let myself be guided by my encounters, this proximity will allow me to better understand the way of life, but also the functioning of a country. By observing the world in which we live, ideas are jostled and I realize to what extent each civilization is an attempt, and exprimentation of life, with all its contradictions and its limits." P.-A.
It is about long expeditions in a wild nature, the crossing of small villages where the exchange with the man, the human being, the one who lives elsewhere and differently, makes sense. Pierre-Alex. restores in his works the atmospheres, the impressions felt during his travels. It is a testimony.
"I am a traveler, there are many subjects that touch me, I make photographs of them. I transpose these photographs on my paintings. I work my paintings as a composition, a heterogeneous set of materials inspired by these different atmospheres, raw, rough: the tinkering of life. I like this notion of constraint, not knowing, finding there, on the spot, what my works will be made of." P.-A.
Sheets, fences, pieces of wood, wires, engraving, acrylic, collages, pencilling, dripping... in a multitude of plastic proposals, the artist associates a rigorous work with very free techniques. One is there paradoxically in a very punctual abstract step. 


Pierre-Alex. is a French visual artist born in 1970 in Valence. He lives and works in Nice.

Exhibitions (selection)


Regards Songeurs, Galerie Arte, Dakar, Senegal

CHAOS, group show, Galerie Mémoires Africaines, Saly, Senegal


8e Avenue, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


AKAA Art Fair, Contemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


8e AvenueContemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris


Traversées engagées, Galerie W, Paris


Pierre-Alex., Galerie Lillebonne, Nancy


W Focus / Pierre-Alex., Galerie W, Paris


Chic Art FairContemporary Art Fair, Galerie W, Paris



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