Troy Henriksen - Let's Get Wasted

Published :
Format :
15 x 21 cm
Publisher :
Galerie W
Pages number :
103 pages
20.00 €

Catalogue of the eponymous exhibition presented at the Galerie W from 7 June to 14 July 2013.

Language: French/English

"Let's Get Wasted".  Let's get lost. In his inspiration, in his sources, in his reason to be. That of breathing the things of the life that Troy Henriksen transforms into language. "Let's Get Wasted", let's get lost, in a new adventure.

"Let's Get Wasted".  It's being in the artist's head, in what he looks at, the way he perceives the things around him. "Let's Get Wasted". It is a key to his perception of reality.

He uses triggers, photographs taken in the west and east, mixing the past and the present. Photographs as we look at life, as he looks at it. The church where his parents got married, a trawler like the one he embarked on at twelve years old, the improbable marriage of a white cyclist and a little black girl in a red-light district of Boston, the house of a drug dealer, his son in disguise, the sublime Loulou transformed into a mermaid...

This photographed look, printed on large sheets, is associated with another look of the artist: pictorial, this one. From there, the story will emerge. The one he will draw, the one he will paint. Like a film script, a musical score. The one he listens to when he dreams, when he paints.
Eric Landau

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