Davis Vanzel


What are your inspirations?
Contemporary and primitive African art, Afro-futurism, Jazz, Soul, Funk; Rap music, Hip Hop culture, my Guadeloupean origins and my African roots, fashion, plant and animal elements, sports. And as for my artistic inspirations: Jacob Lawrence, Robert Rauschenberg, Ellen Gallagher, Barbara Kruger, Wangechi Mutu, Kerry James Marshall, Whitfield Lovell...

How do you see your future?
To devote myself 100% to my artistic work to evolve and experiment as much as possible.

Do you have any demands?
I obviously position some of my work around certain issues of popular culture, black identity, racism, slavery, subjugation and racial oppression.

Your work in a few words...
I try, by working with different materials and different techniques, to create something new from what exists, to make a contemporary and hybrid work, which puts forward an authenticity coming from the street and inspired by my origins and my life. 



Born in Saint-Denis on October 27, 1979, Davis Vanzel lives and works in Paris.

Self-taught, always passionate about drawing, Davis Vanzel is now fully dedicated to work as an artist.




New artworks

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