Boris Garanger


"I work with paint in different states, more or less diluted. A brush loaded with matter allows me to create an opacity, a surface. Conversely, a diluted paint brings a luminosity, a depth and a binding to the whole canvas.

Working in the wet, which is possible in oil painting, allows the different layers to mix, to merge. To give a constraint to a paint free of its own chemical movement.

After having gone through acrylics, I now systematically paint with oil. Its vivacity, its texture and its malleability fascinate me.

I am looking for, the moment when the color turns into value, the mysterious vibrations of the tones brought together." B. G.


Born in 1985, Boris Garanger is a French painter.

After his scientific baccalaureate, he decided to spend a year in England, in Bournemouth. He then spent a year at the Ecole des beaux-Arts in Lorient and continued his training at the Beaux-Arts de Rennes and the Ecole de La Cambre in Brussels.

During his numerous trips (Madagascar, Mauritius, Switzerland, Canada, United States...), he is nourished by meetings and new landscapes.

Back in France in early 2018, he decided to settle there and devote himself fully to his artistic work.





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