Rock Therrien



A self-taught artist, Rock Therrien has been painting for nearly twenty years.

Today, he devotes himself mainly to the realization of paintings putting in scene characters with rounded forms in amusing and zany situations and in which it is often possible to recognize oneself.

For each painting, Rock Therrien designs a scene that he sketches beforehand on the canvas. He then works on the material and the colors using a pictorial technique that he has developed over time. The characters he invents evolve in another era and, to reinforce the idea of time already passed, the artist creates an effect of wear and tear by sanding his colored and highly textured surfaces.

In love with curves, he engraves circular motifs that he adorns with signs and decorates with touches of color. Each canvas is made from many layers of paint. Rock Therrien likes to show his collage work, his pencil sketches and even his cement applications. It is a way for him to reveal certain steps in the construction of his painting.

He draws his inspiration from fragments of his life, from music and from his many travels. His works are conceived as messages to be decoded and for him, each painting tells its own story. His work can be approached in several ways, as it contains clues that we discover as we go through the canvas. At first, the artist tries to capture the viewer's attention through the canvas. Then, he tries to make them smile by adding a humorous touch that completes the scene. He explains that all of these elements inspire and motivate him to constantly push his limits.

"Painting, when it has grabbed you, pushes you to go further and further, to enter the material." R. T.



Born in 1970 in Armagh, near Montmagny, Rock Therrien is a Canadian visual artist who lives and works in Montreal.

Exhibitions (selection)


Pop Light wear, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal, Canada

Riopelle et ses amis, group show, Place des citoyens, Sainte-Adèle, Canada


Comics, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal, Canada


Bestiaire, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal, Canada


A Pièce of Canada in Dubaï, Opéra Gallery, Dubaï, UAE 


Fabuleux, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal, Canada

Le bonheur facile, Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, Canada


Rockambolesque, Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, Canada


La nuit des Galeries, Espace B8, Galerie d’art Beauchamp, Quebec, Canada

Des idées de grandeur, Galerie Saint-Dizier, Montreal, Canada


Be Fetish!, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Back in Oman, group show, Opera Gallery, Dubaï, UAE


Humour et paradoxe, Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada

Relais des arts (Exhibition in duo with Richard Carignan), Stanbridge East, Canada


Clin d’œil au quotidien, Galerie Espace Parcours, Ville Mont-Royal, Canada


- No swimming, Bain Mathieu, Montreal, Canada





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