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Troy Henriksen is an American plastician artist who originates from Norway. His optimistic style, close to the movement of Bad Painting, makes the public indulge in dreaming. His paintings and creations on Plexiglas reflect an imaginary world, fuelled by memories and expectations. His art swings between tangible realities and allegories. Tangible realities: cities, cars, prominent people such as Marilyn, Rimbaud, the Native American Sitting Bull, Ghandi, James Dean, etc. Allegories: hearts, or the same prominent people, who are symbols in their own way. They share a common trait: the bloom of colours that makes life so much more cheerful.

Troy notices that like every child he was pretty much attracted by colours. But he states relevantly that unlike his comrades, he can still remember this impression. Colour shows through his paintings and gives them all their deepness. His taste for painting dates back to his childhood when he was a sailor boy. To visions on the sea or on land. On board the fishing ships, with his senses stimulated, Troy admired the sky and the sun. Back on terra firma, he was used to seeing his fellow fishermen paint on ship’s hulls. Originating from a fishermen’s family, young Troy would inevitably become a fisherman, or... a painter. He has been a fisherman until he had got 28 years old, the age when stability overwhelmed adventure. After an ambiguous experience with drugs, Troy discovered life again, through... a yellow painting pot, laid down in his flat in Boston.

From this moment on, Troy got more and more interested in the history of painting: abstract impressionism, surrealism, Dadaism, impressionism, then the Beat Generation, German expressionists and the Bauhaus. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York punctuated Troy’s route. But Boston has always remained his hang-out. Troy discovered France there. Through a copy of Le Petit Prince, that his friend Helen Frankenthaler offered him, and through Rimbaud, whose photograph stroke him for they are look-alikes. These encounters, as accidental as didactic, urged Troy to leave the United States for Paris.

1998: Paris. Troy managed to hold France to happy surprises. The encounter with his future wife, Delphine Perlstein, and with his future gallerist, Eric Landau. And that is not it. His permanent presence at the Galerie W gave a boost to his career, for it enabled him to increase public awareness of his art. That is why Troy is a source of inspiration for other artists: Arthur H., the French musician, dedicated his album “Les Négresses Blanches” to him. Ten paintings by Troy were hung in the dressing room of the French humorist Gad Elmaleh in the Olympia during the two months of his show. Troy likes to claim he is a new man. A well-adjusted artist, in fact.
Respectfully Yours, Galerie W – Paris (France)

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