Troy Henriksen is an American artist of Norwegian descent. His optimistic style, close to Free Figuration (Figuration Libre), plunges in the dream.  Both his canvas and Plexiglas works reflect an imagination nourished by memories and aspirations. Cities; cars; personalities like   Marylin, Rimbaud, Sitting Bull the Indian, Gandhi, James Dean, etc. Allegories : hearts, or the same personalities who are, in their own ways, symbols. Their common points : bright colours which make the life much more joyful.

Troy is a true artist, who thinks about and interprets life, working mainly from his heart. He responds to current events with art. All the demons that had haunted Henriksen might have turned his painting dark and gloomy. But his canvases are quite the opposite – full of light. "In my opinion, being an artist means you have the ability to change problems into beauty, to encourage hope, to convince people it's possible to reach out to others and join hands," Henriksen continued. His taste for painting probably comes from his childhood as fisherman, from visions of the see. After 15 years as a commercial fisherman, Troy Henriksen has embarked on a new journey, a brilliant career in art

His interest grows for painting history: Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Dadaism, Impressionism, and the Beat Generation, German expressionists and the Bauhaus. Troy discovers France through the book “le Petit Prince and Rimbaud. 

One day, he decided to come to Paris on a one-way ticket. That was in 1998. In Paris, Troy Henriksen painted in the street, on the banks of the Seine. Soon, he made a fateful encounter, with Eric Landau, head of Galerie W in Montmartre. His works have been snapped up by famous French entertainers [plastic artists, writers, musician, actors… like Arthur H and Gad Elmaleh]. Nearly one thousand of art collectors in France, Europe (Luxembourg, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy…) and all over the world (China, United States of America, Canada) made enter Troy into their life.

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Troy Henriksen (d'origine norvégienne) est né en 1962 dans le Massachusetts. Suivant la tradition familiale, il est marin et navigue sur les eaux de Moby Dick pendant une quinzaine d'années. Entre deux aventures de pêche, il abandonne tout pour se consacrer à la peinture. Il part pour un voyage " on the road " et tombe amoureux de Paris. Troy est un artiste permanent de la Galerie W depuis 1999.


Naissance à New Bedford en 1962. Ses parents, immigrés norvégiens, sont arrivés aux Etats-Unis en 1953. Son père fait une école d'art et fonde sa compagnie de pêche. Dans les années 1980, Troy combine son métier de pêcheur avec son amour de l'art. Il traîne entre deux eaux dans le sud de Boston. Il vend ses toiles dans la rue en 1990. Troy a ses premiers collectionneurs, dont une galeriste de Boston. Il part pour l'Europe. Premier voyage à Paris pour un mariage en 1997. Il y est toujours. Il dessine et peint, vend ses toiles dans les cafés. Il passe pour la première fois à la Galerie W, située à l'époque rue Burq, et rencontre Eric Landau. Les premières toiles arrivent à la Galerie W en 1998. 2001. Naissance de son fils, Victor. 


Trident Café Gallery, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1993

The Other side Café Gallery, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1994

Ideal Expressions Gallery, Boston, Etats Unis, 1995

Artscape Gallery, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1996

Pearle Street Gallery, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1996

Art Zone, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1996

Up South Gallery, Boston, Etats-Unis, 1997

Gallery 5620, Los Angeles, Etats-Unis, 1999

De Ark Gallery, Franz Hals Museum, Harlem, Hollande, 1999

Galerie Art Tisane, Paris, France, 1999

Salon Style, 10 rue de Buci, Paris, France, 1999

Hugues Chevalier, Paris, France, 2000

Galerie W, Paris, France, 2000

Sling Shot, en collaboration avec la Galerie W, New York, Etats-Unis, 2000

Galerie R.A.M, Paris, France, 2001

Cities, Courchevel, France, 2001

Stark Hotel, lecture de l'auteur Will Self, Londres, Royaume-Uni, 2001

Moerchen Anne Galerie, Hambourg, Allemagne, 2004

Les Toiles de l'Etoile, L'Etoile, Paris, France, 2006

ICADE, Musée de l'Arsenal, Paris, France, 2007

From the Other Side, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2008

New Man New Identity, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2008

The Memphis Moonlight Happening, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2009

Something for Luxembourg, Galerie Michel Miltgen, Luxembourg, 2010

10 Years Retrospective with Art Rock, Saint Brieuc, France, 2010

Respectfully yours, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2011

Let's get wasted, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2013

Coeur de Troy, Galerie W, Paris, France, 2014

Love her madly, Le Bal des créateurs, Paris, France, 2014


Happening Halloween Disneyland Resort Paris, Métro : Saint-Augustin, 2008

Paris Plage, 10e anniversaire, Paris, France, 2011